BMW & Mini Coding & Diagnostic


  • Read fault codes

    Can read and clear fault codes. Some fault codes don't throw a dash warning light, they are called shadow fault codes.

    I'll send you the generated fault error log with the specific fault codes, not the generic ones you get with a $10 bluetooth adapters.

  • Angel Eyes (halo rings) as DRL (Daytime Running Lights)

    Use the halo rings as DRL, this will depend on the FRM module version in your car.

  • Rollup windows and close sunroof with keyfob

  • Register battery

    Register your new battery. Can also switch between battery types.

    Registering the battery insures it doesn't get over charged, which would result in shorter battery life.

  • Fold side mirrors with keyfob

    Of course you need power folding side mirrors. How can you tell if you have it? Well if you have a round button on the driver's windows switch that you can press to fold; then you have power folding side mirrors.

  • Euro hazard blinks (double impulse)

    It goes blink blink…blink blink…blink blink.

  • 5 blinks

    Enable 5 blinks for the turn signal instead of the maximum 3.

  • Digital Speedometer

  • Brighter halo rings and fog lights

    Can be applied to original halogen halo rings or aftermarket LED bulbs.

  • Return wipers to home position upon engine turn off

    BMW decided it's going to leave the windshield wipers in the middle if you turn off the car while they are on. Forcing you to turn on the ignition again just so you turn off the wipers!

  • Keep it dry

    Close the sunroof and rollup windows with rain sensor. Even after you turn off and lock the car.

  • Turn on front and rear fog lights as welcome light

    Yes, our cars come with a rear fog light, but it's disabled from factory.

  • Disable disclaimers

    Disable the iDrive disclaimer/warning and if you have a backup camera; you can disable the disclaimer on that as well.

  • Door handle LED on when reversing

    Turn on the door handle LED lights when engaging reverse (on supported series only).

  • Enable Enhanced Bluetooth (on supported models and hardware)

    Enable bluetooth music streaming. So far I have enabled it on F30 that had combox installed.

  • So many other little features and retrofit coding